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Hello, friends!

How is your day, so far?

I am having my first coffee and thinking about the beautiful weekend I had with my friends and family.

How was your weekend?

Today, I would like to share what inspires me:

a good book,

a deep conversation,


art and

beauty in general, of this world.

Usually , things that inspire me are simple.

They don't cost a lot or they are totally a walk through the beautiful nature, with my dog.

What inspires you?

Let me know in comments below.

So,this is my inspiration for today:

Look at this gorgeous bedroom with antiques furniture and beautiful wallpaper.

Would you like a cup of tea?

Yes, please.

Pink peonies for sale in Paris...

Today is raining in Chicago, and I was looking for something that will inspire me.

How beautiful is this painting?

If you are just starting your day...Simple breakfast on the table...enjoy!

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